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About Us

Whittier Primary School


Whittier Primary School has joined The Leader In Me family! Each new school year brings opportunities; opportunities for academic growth but also opportunities for growth in all areas of development. Although children must be knowledgeable when they graduate, they must also be healthy, engaged, responsible, and caring people.

The Leader in Me provides our school with the vision and language to lead the school in a way that addresses all areas of development. As each child discovers and develops his/her unique gifts and talents, they are given opportunities to lead. As leaders, they become active, engaged partners in their own education and their self-confidence, responsibility, and initiative grows. Children quickly understand the benefits of different gifts and talents; they learn to listen to new ideas, work together to achieve results, and motivate one another to be the best.

Whittier Primary School Hours:

9:15am - 3:40pm
Attendance: 419.425.8358

Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards (birth to kindergarten entry) are the basis for the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment is used to assess four areas of early learning:

  • Social Foundations- including social and emotional development, and approaches toward learning
  • Mathematics
  • Language and Literacy
  • Physical Well-being and Motor Development

Source:  Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment


  • Ohio Achievement Assessment scores will reflect at least 90% of state indicators, a performance index greater than 100, meeting Adequate Yearly Progress and achieving Value Added growth.
  • We will meet the diverse needs of all students attending Whittier/Wilson Vance to raise achievement.
  • All members of the Whittier/Wilson Vance school environment will conduct themselves in accordance with the virtues chosen by Findlay City Schools.


  • We will monitor each child’s progress and provide necessary interventions at all grade levels.
  • We will develop and implement a plan to identify and serve the diverse academic, social, cultural, emotional and physical needs of all students.
  • We will create and implement innovative programs, beginning at the primary level, that will improve achievement scores.
  • We will develop plans to increase awareness of the virtues and improve relationships between students, families, staff and community members.
  • We will pursue alternative funding and resources in order to meet the diverse needs of all students.
  • We will develop a plan to recruit and utilize a diverse group of volunteers in effective ways.


President Doni Tiell
Past President Stephanie Wendt
Vice President Kim Kogan
Treasurer Mary Kay Kasiborski
Assistant Treasurer Lisa Vick
Secretary Jen Sheely